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All The Sugar (Limited Edition Print)

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"All The Sugar" is painting #4 in the Soda Can Series. The figure on top of the Jolt soda can is the outlaw mercenary “Buzzer” from GI Joe, which makes for a seemingly appropriate combo of 80’s mayhem and chaos.

Print size: 12” x 24”
Paper: Canson Platine Paper (310 gsm/16 mil. Archival & Acid Free)
Signed & Numbered: Edition of 50

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Los Angeles artist, Jimmy Danko, creates contemporary oil paintings on wood panel utilizing 80’s & 90’s toys and cultural references. He invites viewers to embark on a time-capsuled journey with him through his sculptural use of oil and acrylic painting realism, and challenges us to remember our childhood refrains of unbridled discovery by helping us ask “How can this perfect day last forever?”