Artist Statement

artwork by jimmy danko

Jimmy Danko’s art is the juxtaposition of classic oil realism set against vibrant graphic elements, often constructed from multiple layered planes. His art explores our collective perception of memories and cultural imagery that endure in our subconscious over time. It is a cumulative story, but fractured and parsed back together from its original intended form. His art is an incubator for his inner world– stories of exploration and adventure that have bubbled up as disjointed recollections from comic books, platoons of toys, and drawing pads.

The form and structure of the work is influenced by his time working in graphic design and advertising. Taking cues from commercial signage, the pieces are constructed of wood and steel, and often incorporate layered elements that transcend beyond the traditional rectangular 2D plane. The result is a harmony and dissonance that both nods towards a playful nostalgia and hints at something more subversive. Objects like a plastic toy soldier or a can of Dr. Pepper, over time become peripheral elements of how we chart the past and present. Jimmy Danko presents them back to us as monuments gleaned from our collective unconscious. He aims to present these themes as a shared history in joy and wonder, open for individual interpretation, and to remind us how the forgotten small things have peppered our lives, ultimately shaping who we are.