Ride or Die at Gallery 1988


I’m excited to finally unveil this piece for the opening of “Franchise 3” at Gallery 1988 in LA. The show includes 50 artists and is curated by my friend, the amazingly talented artist Scott Listfield ( @scottlistfield ). “Franchise 3” launches at 12pm PST 12/4 and runs through 12/31/2020. While COVID has kept the gallery doors closed the show can be viewed here on Gallery 1988’s website. Ride or Die is available for purchase through Gallery 1988 here.

My painting was inspired by my trips to Six Flags as a kid and the external and internal moments of exploratory adventure. The ego and the alter ego – they emerge with our consciousness often very early in life. Who we were under the watchful eyes of our parents or chaperones was in stark contrast from who were when unleashed in the gated confines of a funpark on our own. With that independence there was a freedom of the imagination, often mischievous, that was only constrained (or amplified) by the company we kept, i.e., our closest friends and confidants. This duality of our youth is a fork in the road that we encounter throughout our life: succumbing to who we are expected to be (right or wrong) – versus exploring who we truly are. As we relate to the context of our surroundings we are presented with a choice of who to be. Every adventure provides an opportunity that reinforces our path and leads us to the present. There is always both light and dark, and each makes the other possible.

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