Into the Fray

“Into the Fray” - 12”x12” - oil & acrylic on wood panel.

This is the first piece in a series called “Plastic Perceptions”. By painting the same composition with different hues, the series explores how we perceive the world around using color as a vehicle. The circle background is a subtle nod to the “Spot” paintings by Damien Hirst where he explores the harmonies of color. For my series, by adding in another element – the soldier – color is filtered through a secondary lens of perception. The piece is currently available. Scroll right to see the other 3 colors that are currently in the works.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to the @semperfifund. “Serving all branches of the military, Semper Fi Fund provides emergency financial assistance to post 9/11 service members who are wounded, critically ill, or were injured during their service.” It’s a small way I can give back through my art to those who helped keep us safe on the home front and around the world.

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