“Interconnected”: At the beginning of May my friend Rob approached me about contributing artistically to a national campaign of Asian American allyship in support of Black Americans, to bring awareness and aid to marginalized communities in the US. I was all in and I’m proud to say this design, an evolution of my “Stay Connected” paintings, is the result. I’m honored and humbled to be in the company of other stellar artists and designers like @prabalgurung, @31philliplim, @monsemaison, @frankchi, @ericuhlir, @monyeeart, @poornagraphy_, @marshastephanieblake, and @majolimaria.

Starting today you can pre-order these limited-edition shirts (available for just one week!). 100% of the net proceeds will go to outreach and support efforts (50% will go to COVID-19 medical relief and the other 50% will go to justice for Black Americans through the Equal Justice Initiative @eji_org and Color of Change @colorofchange. Link to purchase in bio.


About the artwork via @theallofusmovement

‘Interconnected’ depicts the powerful union of Black and Gold allyship to uplift and connect our shared communities through this painful period in America - marked by heightened racial inequality and a global epidemic.

In the construction of this artwork, no one color takes prominence over the other. It is the collaboration of both pieces that make the sum of their parts greater. From the onset, it was essential that the connection and the colors portrayed a purposeful relationship where one color both supports and uplifts the other. A Yin and Yang duality is formed to represent the complementary and interconnected relationship the Black and Asian communities have historically shared.

This piece is a declaration to our Black friends, families and colleagues, that they are not alone in this fight. We, the Asian community, stand in solidarity and allyship to continue building and promoting a more tolerant, accepting, and equal nation for us all.

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